Coffee Conversations with the Founder of Viva Coffee

Anyone who know Lucas, the founder of Viva Coffee Ltd, knows that he is passionate about all thing’s coffee. Therefore he jumped on the chance to join Coffee Enthusiast James Coffey on “Coffey Chats Coffee”. In this podcast Lucas delves into the rich tapestry of his family’s coffee history, unveils the inception of Viva Coffee, and sheds light on the developments within Brazilian coffee farms in recent years.

Listen on Spotify by clicking here.

For our Portuguese-speaking audience, Lucas joined the popular podcast hosted by Galileu Escola de Negócios, an avid advocate for local business owners in Lucas’s hometown, Espirito Santo do Pinal.

In this podcast, Lucas candidly shares his transformative journey, addressing his fears, triumphs, and the essence of his courageous and resilient spirit. The conversation encapsulates the evolution of Viva Coffee, emphasising the significance of streamlining the coffee supply chain while championing the distinct coffees and dedicated producers from his home region. Listen to Lucas’s story on the Galileu Escola de Negócios podcast here