Current Coffee Crisis: A Temporary Surge or the New Normal?

The global coffee market is currently experiencing challenges, with prices reaching a two-year high due to significant crop concerns in key producing regions. Brazil’s Minas Gerais region, a vital contributor to the world’s arabica coffee supply, has faced a 74% rainfall deficit, while Vietnam, a major robusta producer, is contending with drought conditions, potentially leading […]

Viva Coffee at
Dublin Coffee Festival 2024

Join us this weekend at the highly anticipated and sold-out Dublin Coffee Festival, where Viva Coffee is set to deliver an unforgettable experience! Catch us at booth C2 throughout the entire weekend and dive into our world of exceptional coffees. Whether you’re a seasoned buyer or an inquisitive roaster, we offer an extensive selection of […]

Theresa Clarke: A Strategic Asset as Chief Operating Officer

Viva Coffee Ltd proudly introduces Theresa Clarke as our newly appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO). With an impressive 19-year tenure at Enterprise Ireland, Theresa officially joined our team in September 2023, bringing with her a wealth of experience derived from a diverse array of roles. Theresa dedicated eight years to honing her skills in Event […]

Trade Fairs

April 2023 Lucas will once again be present at the Falcafé Exhibitor Stand on the Brazilian Pavilion at two key international events in 2023. The World of Coffee – Athens, 22nd – 24th June 2023 Following the success of our attendance at the World of Coffee in Milan last year, Athens in 2023 is predicted […]

Origin Trip
to Brazil

Our 2023 Origin Trip to Brazil is one filled with unique coffees, awe-inspiring vistas, sustainable farming practices, and unforgettable moments shared with family. Our first stop led us to the hidden gem of Terra de Kuri, where Fernando and Raquel pour passion into each handpicked coffee bean. Their commitment to delivering quality, from natural to […]

Lucas Takes up the Role of National Coordinator for SCA Irish Chapter

In the dynamic world of specialty coffee, Lucas has been a passionate advocate and contributor to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) over the past two years. His journey began with volunteering at events such as the Barista Championship and the Latte Art Competitions at CATEX in February 2021. Not only did he lend his expertise […]

Coffee Conversations with the Founder of Viva Coffee

Anyone who know Lucas, the founder of Viva Coffee Ltd, knows that he is passionate about all thing’s coffee. Therefore he jumped on the chance to join Coffee Enthusiast James Coffey on “Coffey Chats Coffee”. In this podcast Lucas delves into the rich tapestry of his family’s coffee history, unveils the inception of Viva Coffee, […]

Origin Trip: A Journey Through the Heart of Brazilian Coffee

As the sun sets on our remarkable journey through the coffee fields of Brazil, we look back on an extraordinary week filled with discovery, connection, and of course, exceptional coffee. The inaugural Viva Coffee Origin Trip was organised for roasters eager to take a step into the heart of coffee production. It was an immersive […]