Origin Trip: A Journey Through the Heart of Brazilian Coffee

As the sun sets on our remarkable journey through the coffee fields of Brazil, we look back on an extraordinary week filled with discovery, connection, and of course, exceptional coffee. The inaugural Viva Coffee Origin Trip was organised for roasters eager to take a step into the heart of coffee production. It was an immersive experience that left everyone with a newfound appreciation for the dedication and artistry behind every cup.

Viva Coffee at Garimpo Facilities

Unveiling the Origins: Alto Alegre Coffees

Our adventure began at Alto Alegre Farm, where the legacy of coffee cultivation spans five generations. Nestled in Southern Minas Gerais, the farm’s optimal location, ideal climate, and fertile soil create the perfect conditions for growing Arabica coffee. Meeting the passionate family behind Alto Alegre Coffees, we explored the 520-hectare farm, dedicated to not only cultivating coffee but also preserving natural resources. The Mundo Novo, Yellow Bourbon, and Catuaí varieties showcased the complexity and unique flavour profiles rarely found elsewhere.

Falcafé: A Progressively Ethical Approach

Our journey continued with a meeting at Falcafé, a company with a clear mission to supply ethical, sustainable, and premium coffee. Nobletree Farms, comprising of Fazenda Monte Verde and Santa Izabel, demonstrated innovation and a commitment to quality. The sustainable practices at Santa Izabel Farm, located 1,150m above sea level, were truly commendable. With varieties like Yellow Bourbon, Arara, and Mundo Novo, Santa Izabel Farm stood out as a world-class coffee producer.

Delving Further into the Local Coffee Industry

The trip also included visits to “Carmomaq”, a leading manufacturer of roasting and grinding equipment, “Pinhalense” a world leading manufacturer of coffee equipment for coffee farmers and producers and finally “Garimpo Coffees” where we met a Q-Grader who provided us with an in-depth look at coffee quality control.

Carmomaq Factory

Exploring Beyond Coffee

Our journey took a detour to “Guaspari Winery”, where an old coffee farm has been transformed into a beautiful vineyard. The meticulous process of planting vines and producing wine showcased the region’s dedication to craftsmanship beyond coffee.

The trip reached its conclusion with a traditional Brazilian barbecue hosted by Viva Coffee bringing together everyone who participated in the Origin Trip.  

As we bid farewell to the picturesque landscapes of my hometown, I look back on the enriching experiences and meaningful connections forged during this trip. Special thanks to the Irish Roasters who entrusted us with this experience as well as to the farms and all the stakeholders who warmly welcomed us into their world. Until next time… If you have any inquiries for future Origin Trips please contact Lucas Sampaio at Viva Coffee at +353 87 6657083 or info@vivacoffee.ie