Viva Coffee Ltd. sources and supplies premium, single origin, green coffee beans directly to Ireland.

the best beans from south america

What Viva Coffee Ltd. offers our customers:

We only select and source from farms, who ethically and sustainably produce their coffee.

We offer a hand selected, variety of premium green beans.

We have reduced supply chain complexity – sourcing direct from farm partners.

We provide assurances on Quality and Single Origin.

We import directly to Ireland and our storage facilities are located in Ireland for quick and easy access.

We are competitively priced.

We provide superior customer service.

We can provide roasters with samples (green beans and roasted) to try before ordering.

We use our expertise to work with customers to identify their coffee requirements and source coffee to meet these needs using our extensive network of farmers and producers.


Lucas Sampaio, founder of Viva Coffee Ltd, hails from a city in Sao Paulo state called Espirito Santo do Pinhal. This is coffee country!  This thriving region’s main business is growing, processing and selling coffee worldwide.
Lucas worked in the family coffee business for 10 years before moving to Ireland in 2008.
Lucas identified a gap in the market for Irish Roasters to source premium coffee directly from Brazil – from farm to cup. Lucas set up Viva Coffee Ltd. in 2019.
With Lucas’s in-depth knowledge of coffee, combined with his extensive network in Brazil, Viva Coffee Ltd. source and supply premium, ethically sourced, single origin, green coffee beans directly to Irish roasters.
The name “Viva Coffee” is rooted in Lucas’s family’s passion for living every day to the full, and each of those days start off with good coffee. Viva!

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farm partners

Alto Alegre

Nobletree Farms

Viva Coffee Ltd. is delighted to partner with Alto Alegre Coffees. Alto Alegre Coffees is managed by a family of traditional coffee growers who have cultivated the fertile soil of South Minas Gerais since 1880. Today the 5th generation continues this passion for the coffee business.
Located in the city of Jacutinga (Southern Minas Gerais), in the High Frontier Mogiana, the farm is in the optimal place to grow Arabica coffee.
In addition to the ideal climate and soil, the farm is at an extremely favourable altitude for the cultivation of high-quality special coffees, with crops that can reach 1,340m (4,400ft).
The total area of Alto Alegre Farm is 520 hectares, the area devoted to coffee cultivation is 65 hectares with remaining area devoted to growing cereals and preserving natural resources.
The coffees produced on the farm are primarily of the Mundo Novo, Yellow Bourbon and Catuaí varieties which have complex profiles and flavour nuances rarely found.
More and more consumers want to know where their food comes from. They want to make sure that food is produced responsibly, with no harm to the environment or exploitation of the workforce.
Our coffee plantations are planted in a level curve and using windbreaks. Solid and liquid waste is handled in an environmentally friendly manner.
Quality housing and a safe workplace is provided to our workers and their families who live on our property.

What do Alto Alegre Coffees offer to roasters?

Single Origin.

All coffees are planted and harvested in only one property, guaranteeing homogeneity, quality and traceability.

Three varieties of coffee.

Optimal Altitude for Coffee.

Cultivation above 1,300 meters.

Farm owners are directly involved, from planting to selling the final product.

For more informations about Alto Alegre Coffees

The Coffees

Viva Coffee currently supply the following varieties to the Irish market:

mundo novo

Mundo Novo is a natural cross between Red Bourbon and Typica from Sumatra, first documented in 1940. Seeds of the original coffee plants were planted in the municipality of Novo Mundo, today called Urupês.
The success of this coffee is due to its special characteristics: high productivity and high adaptability to various coffee regions. In appearance, Mundo Novo is a rustic, tall plant with a thin stem. Its leaf tips can be green or bronze.
Plantations above 800 meters in altitude produce the best Mundo Novo coffees.
This is a 100% Arabica variety – plants that produce finer and more refined coffees. Mundo Novo has a sweet and striking flavour, medium body, intense roasting perfume and medium acidity. It has caramel and milk chocolate aromas. It has medium acidity and creamy body with a sweet end.

Yellow Catuaí

This coffee is of 100% Brazilian origin and is a cross between Mundo Novo and Caturra. The plant is highly productive, in part because of its small size, which allows plants to be closely spaced.  It is mainly characterized by low height which facilitates a manual harvest. The main differentiating feature of this coffee occurs when planted above 800m, which promotes the coffee bean to absorb more naturally the sugars during ripening process.
Our Yellow Catuai is distinguished by its chocolate and caramel, flowery with citric acidity, medium body, with caramel and sweet end.

Yellow Bourbon

In the last half of the 20th century, Yellow Bourbon was gradually replaced in crops by more modern varieties, mainly due to its low productivity and high susceptibility to pests and diseases. But the advancement in management techniques and leaf nutrition has returned the high productivity to Yellow Bourbon.
A Yellow Bourbon tree can reach 2.8 meters in height and has early ripeness.
The beans of the Bourbon variety are placed among the best in the world to produce specialty coffees. This is because they give rise to soft drinks, of low acidity and medium body, with marked sweetness and chocolate notes, which come to resemble roasted cereals and hazelnuts.

Red Obatã

This plant is small in size, wide leaves, green in new leaves with large red fruits. The dimensions in height and diameter of the crown are similar to those of the Catuaí. The plant demands good nutrition to grow. The quality of the drink is excellent with aromas of melon and caramel, a refined citrus acidity (orange), sugarcane molasses sweetness. It has velvety and creamy body, fruity peach, apricot and passion fruit flavour, long and pleasant aftertaste, complex rich coffee.

Full SCA

Full SCA Cupping Scores are available for each of the varieties offered by Viva Coffee Ltd.
Viva Coffee Ltd. are constantly adding to the varieties of coffee that we supply to our customers.  We are happy to source any additional varieties which you may require.  Please get in contact and let us know your requirements.


“Aliquam suscipit felis a arcu laoreet congue eutempor consulatu voluptaria.”

- alto alegre coffees


Lucas Sampaio

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