San Martin de Pangoa

Country: Peru

Peru’s coffee regions are located between the Andean Mountain range and the Amazon rainforest, which means that numerous natural habitats allow a vast cultural and ecological wealth to coexist in one diverse and exuberant country, characterised by its rich ethnic legacy.

San Martin de Pangoa, Satipo, Juní is made up of approx. 140 coffee farmers. All coffees are fully washed. The mill process is developed by each of the coffee farmers. The coffee fermentation process takes over 12 hours. The drying process is made with trays, solar dryers or mechanical dryers.




Satipo, Juní


1,820m – 1,650m

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Coffee Varieties

Variety: Catimor

Harvest: May to October
Processing: Fully Washed
Cup Profile: Soft Citrus, Creamy, Brown Sugar.

Good socio-environmental practices

Beyond its commitment to cultivating exceptional coffee, Fazenda Santa Izabel prioritises good socio-environmental practices. The farm extends its expertise to small producers in the region with the provision of courses and workshops. This not only fortifies ties within the community but also empowers local producers to connect with international buyers, ensuring a sustainable future for all involved.

Images of San Matin de Pangoa

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