Fazenda da Mata

Country: Brazil

Welcome to Fazenda da Mata, a family-owned farm steeped in heritage and passion for coffee since 1982. Nestled amidst springs and pristine forests, our farm draws its name from these natural wonders that have inspired generations.

This region’s ideal climate and soil provide the perfect conditions for cultivating a variety of traditional coffee beans. From the cherished Yellow and Red Bourbon to the unique flavours of Arara, Mundo Novo, Catiguá, Catuaí, Acaia  and Icatu, each cup tells a story of meticulous care and dedication.

What began as the childhood dream of a young boy, who left rural life at 12 but was drawn back by his unwavering love for coffee, has blossomed into reality. Through unwavering dedication, hard work, and boundless curiosity, they have perfected every aspect of coffee production, from planting to post-harvest, to create an exceptional brew.

Today, under the stewardship of the first generation, Fazenda da Mata continues to thrive, igniting the passion of subsequent generations. As the dream of that young boy, Adonis Cerri, lives on, we invite you to join us on a journey of discovery and delight in the world of exceptional coffee.


Adonis Cerri


São Sebastião da Grama



Farm Certification:

Vale da Grama Region and Volcanic Region

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Coffee Varieties

Variety: Yellow Catuaí

Harvest: June to September
Processing: Natural
Cup Profile: Caramel and milk chocolate. Citric acidity and creamy body with sweet and clean finish.

Variety: Acaia

Harvest: June to September
Processing: Natural Fermented
Cup Profile:Honey and dark chocolate. Critic acidity, fruity notes of tangerine with lingering aftertaste.

Good socio-environmental practices

Beyond its commitment to cultivating exceptional coffee, Fazenda Santa Izabel prioritises good socio-environmental practices. The farm extends its expertise to small producers in the region with the provision of courses and workshops. This not only fortifies ties within the community but also empowers local producers to connect with international buyers, ensuring a sustainable future for all involved.

Images of Fazenda da Mata

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