La Flaca Decaffeinated

Country: Colombia

Compared to more standard decaffeination methods done here in Europe, the full decaffeination process is made in Colombia. The most challenging step is trying to remove the caffeine while preserving the flavours of the coffee itself.

The sugar cane process is a chemical-free process, where no additional substances are in contact with the green coffee. The process begins with a pre-treatment with very low-pressure steam to let the beans swell. With the help of natural produced Ethyl Acetate, at least 97% of the caffeine can be removed.

Therefore, locally grown sugarcane is fermented to produce natural E.A. The beans are soaked in water with the E.A., which removes the caffeine. Low pressure saturated steam is then applied following the extraction process to remove any traces of the E.A.






1,600 – 1,900m

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Coffee Varieties

Variety: Sugar Cane Decaf

Harvest: September to December
Processing: Washed
Cup Profile: Sweet and balanced flavour with honey and caramel notes. A medium body rounded up with a juicy apricot acidity.

Good socio-environmental practices

Beyond its commitment to cultivating exceptional coffee, Fazenda Santa Izabel prioritises good socio-environmental practices. The farm extends its expertise to small producers in the region with the provision of courses and workshops. This not only fortifies ties within the community but also empowers local producers to connect with international buyers, ensuring a sustainable future for all involved.

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