Fazenda Pedra Grande

Country: Brazil

Fazenda Pedra Grande is situated at the epicentre of Brazilian coffee production, located in the southern region of Minas Gerais, within the city of Campestre. Nestled at an elevation of 1,150 meters above sea level, the farm benefits from an ideal climate conducive to cultivating high-quality coffee. Fazenda Pedra Grande spans across 664 hectares.  

The estate is under the stewardship of the third generation of the Ribeiro family, led by Livia Moares Ribeiro. Under Livia’s stewardship, the estate achieves an annual coffee production of approximately 15,000 bags, comprising 30% pulped natural and 70% natural processing methods.  

The plantations, covering 400 hectares, are strategically equipped with drip irrigation systems, a sustainable practice aimed at environmental conservation and optimizing overall production efficiency. 

Demonstrating a steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility, Livia allocates 135 hectares of the estate to a natural forest, thereby contributing to the preservation and equilibrium of the surrounding environment. 

In order make all this happen, Livia guides a team of 36 highly skilled professionals. This dedicated workforce engages in ongoing professional development, focusing on areas such as sustainable and efficient coffee production, to ensure the continual enhancement of their expertise.


Livia Moraes Ribeiro


South Minas Gerais



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Coffee Varieties

Variety: Yellow Bourbon

Harvest: June to September
Processing: Pulped Natural
Cup Profile: Aroma of caramel, nut and hazelnut, clean and transparent, citrus acidity (orange), dense and creamy body. Chocolate and red fruits (plum and apple) flavour. Long and pleasant aftertaste.

Good socio-environmental practices

Beyond its commitment to cultivating exceptional coffee, Fazenda Santa Izabel prioritises good socio-environmental practices. The farm extends its expertise to small producers in the region with the provision of courses and workshops. This not only fortifies ties within the community but also empowers local producers to connect with international buyers, ensuring a sustainable future for all involved.

Images of Pedra Grande

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