Origin Trip
to Brazil

Our 2023 Origin Trip to Brazil is one filled with unique coffees, awe-inspiring vistas, sustainable farming practices, and unforgettable moments shared with family.

Our first stop led us to the hidden gem of Terra de Kuri, where Fernando and Raquel pour passion into each handpicked coffee bean. Their commitment to delivering quality, from natural to fermented varieties, is truly remarkable. Beyond being outstanding farmers, they also excel at sharing their knowledge and creating a unique coffee experience. They’re passionate educators, helping others explore the world of sensory skills.

Next, our journey took us to Vale da Grama, in the Volcan Region, a picturesque region renowned for its volcanic soil and the unique coffee crafted by Gram Cerri. We immersed ourselves in coffee conversations and a captivating cupping session led by Fabio, handpicking the very best beans for the Irish market. They have created the perfect blend that combines sustainability and flavour which meets the needs of discerning Coffee Roasters in Ireland.

At Fazenda Morada da Prata, we discovered a sustainable haven run by the 5th generation of a family deeply rooted in the coffee legacy. The farm is 100% solar-powered, dedicates a third of its land to nature reserves, and actively reduces the use of chemicals, creating a unique environment where wildlife, including majestic jaguars, roam freely. Preserving history, the farm proudly showcases original 1920s equipment, offering visitors a step back in time.

Viva Coffee have partnered with Falcafe and Nobletree Farm over the last number of years to bring Irish roasters the very best of Brazilian Coffee. We were captivated by cutting-edge sustainability innovations, we participated in an amazing cupping session and we handpicking the freshest beans from the new harvest. The perfect beans, combining sustainability and flavour.

M&A Coffees nestled in the Mantiqueira de Minas mountains provided awe-inspiring vistas. The farm, situated at altitudes of up to 1,350m, nurtures exquisite Arabica coffee beans through an intricate manual harvest process. It’s a symphony of flavours crafted by nature, geography, and passion.

Last up is a visit to Carmo Coffees. Carmo Coffee is located in the city Três Corações in Minas Gerais (also the hometown of Pelé!). As an existing supplier to Viva Coffee this was an opportunity to check the new harvest and hand pick the coffees for our next shipment.

On a personal note one of the most cherished aspects of this journey was the invaluable time spent with family. My Dad, with his unparalleled knowledge of coffee and years of experience, joined me for every farm visit. As both chauffeur and teacher, he added humour and wisdom to our adventure, marking it an unforgettable Origin Trip.

At the heart of this journey lies our commitment to bringing the best of sustainable and high-quality coffee, handpicked from our trip, back to our customers so keep your eye out for new coffee hitting the Irish market in the coming months. And now… preparations begin for 2024! We are beginning to plan another action-packed itinerary for our customers. This unique immersive experience will provide roasters with an up-close view of the coffee farms responsible for crafting their favourite beans while having a unique opportunity to personally handpick their bean and foster a deeper connection with the origins of their beans.